The Z core banner

Z Core was the organization of divine government who are the only way encounter the great evil powers of the FIGAROES.


[ Z-I ]

  • Madison Tepes [ only vampire girl who completely forgiven by the Z-Archangels and become their goddess. ]
  • Zarnacard [ formerly ShaoMhimZhoun ]
  • Volthair

[ Z-II ]

  • Hanns
  • Fred
  • Zoe

[ Z-III ]

  • Gunz
  • Zhyld
  • Goru


Since the world of Tyrantinism has been corrupted by several evildoers. The ZCORE takes an action to maintain the goodness as they fight the evil and bring back the peace over the universe.


As they sacrificed their powers to Hikari and the appearace of the ZCORE are nothing but the golden stars who shines eternally.

Theme Song [ Infariumn Crin Se ]

The theme song for the ZCORE it was titled "Zausin Daumin". Composed by Project Zero Gravity's sister team, I.E.S. and contains the choir made by "ESTUANS INTERIUS" choir team. 

Original Lyrics:

[ intro with voice chanting ]

Rin Ze, Infariumn Cirin-se, curin ruon, oh

Zuiseruv suiovaideor, curyn rumm, zuio soehreh

Zausin Daumin Harilen Kimi na eth Zausin Darlemn Harven Servhina eth (2x)

[ voice chanting resumes until end of song. ]...

Translated Lyrics:

[ intro with voice chanting ]

Rise the... divine government, praise them, oh!

Great Archangels, Protectors of innocence, minions of good, powerful rescuers

Respect, Surrender, Be obiedent on her and Respect, Listen and serving on the young goddess.

[ voice chanting resumes until end of song. ]...