Age Estimation System [ AES ] was the estimating the age of every Existherhian people that based on their tyrant cells that gives them the expansion of their younger skin's life span.

Conversion of AES [ in EXTH to RTHn ]

  • EXTH - tyranthium (in right corner)
  • RTHn - earthling (in left corner)


Months old:

0to3 mo/s [RTHn] - 1mo [EXTH]

4to6 mo/s [RTHn] - 2mo/s [EXTH]

7mo/s [RTHn] - 3mo/s [EXTH]

8mo/s [RTHn] - 4mo/s [EXTH]

9mo/s [RTHn] - 5mo/s [EXTH]

10mo/s [RTHn] - 6mo/s [EXTH]

11mo/s [RTHn] - 7mo/s [EXTH]

12mo/s [RTHn] - 8mo/s [EXTH]


1yo [RTHn] - 9mo/s [EXTH]

2yo [RTHn] - 10mo/s [EXTH]

3yo [RTHn] - 11mo/s [EXTH]

4yo [RTHn] - 12mo/s [EXTH]


5yo [RTHn] - 1yo [EXTH]

6yo [RTHn] - 2yo [EXTH]

7yo [RTHn] - 3yo [EXTH]

8yo [RTHn] - 4yo [EXTH]

9yo [RTHn] - 5yo [EXTH]

10yo [RTHn] - 6yo [EXTH]

11yo [RTHn] - 7yo [EXTH]

12yo [RTHn] - 8yo [EXTH]

13yo [RTHn]- 9yo [EXTH]

14yo [RTHn] - 10yo [EXTH]

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